Meet the Trainers

Here at NRG, we pride ourselves on having passionate and caring personal trainers to help you achieve your goals, no matter what they may be. Get to know our amazing personal trainers by reading their bios below!


Kirrilly Mason

I started in the fitness industry because I had a passion for exercise and the benefits that I received from my training. I wanted to help others realise the mental and physical benefits of exercise and to get rid of the idea that exercise is all about numbers on a scale and that the only reason you do it is to lose weight.

We took over ownership of North Ringwood Gym in 2017, previous to running North Ringwood Gym, I ran my own business Your Time Personal Training. I set the business up 8 years ago and started in a studio at the back of my house and then took over the double garage and then the opportunity came up to buy North Ringwood Gym and we knew it was the next step for us.

I’m also a big goal setter and love taking on a challenge and love it when clients will talk to me about their goals and what they want to achieve and what we are going to be working towards.  Sometimes achieving the goal isn’t what it is all about, often it’s about the journey to achieve the goal.

As a mum of 3, I am driven to help people realise that their bodies are so much more than the negatives that they often see and that through exercise, you will feel stronger and see what your body and mind can truly do. I spent a lot of my teenage years and early 20’s with a lot of negativity towards my body and would always compare to others and live on a constant cycle of wishing for better abs, better legs, better something. It was when I took up Triathlon that I started to see my body in a different way and I realised that exercise didn’t have to be about constantly chasing a number on the scale or wishing I could change so much of my body.  And through my training I started to see how much more we can do if we stop feeling so negative about ourselves.

With 3 young children, triathlon has taken a back seat to Running, strength training and Yoga. I believe to include activity in our lives we need to have a balance and we need to make sure we are doing things we enjoy, otherwise they become a chore and we don’t do them.

If you’ve got a goal that you want to work towards or if you are keen to start looking at your body in a different light and stop looking at the scales or the negatives, then let’s work together.


Billy Allen



Paulo Woodley

I became a Personal Trainer as I have a passion for fitness. I struggled with weight loss and through hard work and determination, I managed to turn this around.

I began in Australia but studied and trained in the UK to become a trainer. I specialise in strength and conditioning, strongman, bodybuilding, weight loss, HIIT and Powerlifting.

My philosophy in life is “Don’t say it, Do it”.

As Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson would say “Be humble, be hungry and always be the hardest worker in the room” 

My qualifications include: Certificate IV in Personal Training and Certificate III in Fitness Instructing.